American parents intend to vaccinate kids against tripledemic

US parents' intent to vaccinate against COVID-19, influenza, and RSV.

High body temperature suppresses virus replication, study

Understanding the effect of body temperature on viral infection.

Since 2009, the “swine flu” strain transmitted from humans to swine

Analysis provides further support for managing influenza A infection in people who work with swine.

Understanding the unique characteristics of the current bird flu outbreak

The evolving nature of H5N1 influenza: Implications for science management in North America.

Attracting the Virus towards a Strategic Trap

Ebola Virus VP40 Matrix Layer's Endosomal Disassembly in Membrane Fusion

Indigenous people are 3 to 6 times more likely to be hospitalized for influenza

Comparing rates of influenza-associated hospitalization and mortality between Indigenous and non-Indigenous.

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