A new way found to identify a sign of inflammatory bowel disease

Unlocking human chemical structures via reverse metabolomics.

Autoimmune link to tooth enamel damage in coeliac disease

Autoimmune amelogenesis imperfecta in APS-1 and coeliac disease patients.

Cracking the itch mystery: New insights unveiled

S. aureus and itch-induced skin damage: The V8 protease-PAR1 axis revealed.

Restoring youth to COVID-19 affected brains

Alleviating brain aging and COVID-19 pathology with senolytic therapy.

New study sheds light on how Alzheimer’s tau tangles begin

Inhibition of GCPII lowers pT217Tau in the brains of aged macaques.

RNA fragment’s promise in atherosclerosis therapy

Targeting microRNA repressors reduces atherosclerosis in mice.

Discovery of alarmin release mechanisms in immune system

E-selectin triggers quick NLRP3 inflammasome activation in neutrophils.

Exercise boosts the immune system for health

Regulatory T cells protect muscle mitochondria during exercise.

Super melanin: Skin savior for sunburn and chemical burns

Enhanced tissue repair with synthetic melanin topical use.

Injectable tissue prosthesis for muscle/nerve regeneration

Instantaneous closed-loop rehab with injectable tissue prosthesis.

SARS-CoV-2 moves within neurons to infect the brain

Separate effects: SARS-CoV-2, neuroinvasion, and anosmia.

Scratching neurons: A potential itch solution?

IL-31 limits allergic dermatitis immune response.

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