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Indian Hog Deer

Genetic study reveals presence of rare sub-species of Hog Deer

Indian scientists have discovered the presence of a sub-species of hog deer (Axis porcinus annamiticus) in India. This endangered sub-species was earlier believed to...
Insect stings inspire syringe-needle designs

Insect stings inspire syringe-needle designs

Inspired by mosquito and honeybee stings, scientists are trying to design a smart syringe needle that promises to be painless as well as skin-friendly...
APOM AstroSat Picture of the month

A new effort to bring astronomy and people closer

Public Outreach and Education Committee (POEC) of the Astronomical Society of India (ASI), and the AstroSat Training and Outreach Team is all set to...
Air pollution

How air pollution is adding to India’s diabetes burden

The ill-effects of air pollution on human health have been reported extensively. Some estimates attribute nearly one-fourth of all deaths in India to air...