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After being immunized with the proteins, rabbits developed antibodies that were able to bind with the virus. IMAGE: © GETTYIMAGES MIRROR-IMAGES

Custom-made proteins may help create antibodies to fight HIV

HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is one of the world’s most serious public health challenges and it still continues to be a major...
Symbols for physical and mental health

Social, public health services crucial in fight against HIV/AIDS, study

A new study by the University of Michigan suggests that patients in danger for HIV should be connected to administrations, for example, emotional wellness...
Co-authors Rebecca Schnall, PhD, and Nancy Reame, PhD, share the distinction of having received an endowed chair established by Mary Dickey Lindsay ’45, an inspirational leader in women’s health advocacy and reproductive rights.

Women with HIV Experience More Fatigue, Muscle Aches After Menopause

Advancements in treatment during recent decades, HIV has largely become a chronic condition. This implies a more prominent level of individuals with HIV are living longer;...