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Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/L. Kreidberg/Harvard-Smithsonian CfA

Harvard astronomer discovered exoplanet without an atmosphere

Prospects clouded for finding life on the largest class of planets.
Marine Denolle (right) and her team, including Jiuxun Yin (left) and Brad Lipovsky, created numerical models to predict an earthquake’s final magnitude 10 to 15 seconds faster than today’s best algorithms. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer

Predicting the strength of earthquakes

Early seismic waves hold the clue to the power of the main temblor.

Greater adherence lowers risk of Type 2 diabetes by 23%

Study found that people with the greater adherence to “overall” predominantly plant-based diets had a 23 percent lower risk of Type 2 diabetes than those with weaker adherence to the diets.
Scientists discovered a simpler pattern of ocean warming

Scientists discovered a simpler pattern of ocean warming

Part history, part climate science, the research corrects decades of data and suggests that ocean warming occurred in a much more homogenous way.
A close-up view of Halichondria panicea, or the breadcrumb sponge. Photo: Minette Layne (Wikimedia Commons)

Anti-cancer molecules found in sea sponges

Harvard scientists have recently made a landmark discovery by finding a new way to synthesize in bulk a complex class of promising cancer-fighting molecules...
Harvard study associates increasing consumption of red meat with a higher risk of death. Photo by Alex Guillaume/Unsplash

Red meat consumption is linked to early death

The world is eating more meat. The global consumption of meat and poultry has increased in both developed and developing countries over the past...
Compared with vitamins, dietary supplements for weight loss, muscle building, and energy were associated with nearly three times the risk of severe medical events in children and young adults. Upsplash

Dietary supplements linked to many severe medical outcomes

The majority of adults in the United States take one or more dietary supplements either every day or occasionally. Today’s dietary supplements include vitamins,...
Harvard Medical School researchers identify new targets to inhibit viral replication and may inform the development of a new class of antiviral drugs. iStock

Catch a virus by the tail

Some RNA viruses such as Segmented negative-sense (SNS) RNA viruses initiate infection by delivering into cells a suite of genomic RNA segments, each sheathed...