Harvest fresh water with innovative technologies & nature inspiration

Researcher finds inspiration from spider webs and beetles to harvest fresh water from thin air.

Earth tilted nearly 80 centimeters east, study

Earth's pole has drifted toward 64.16°E at a speed of 4.36 cm/yr during 1993–2010.

1.2-billion-year-old groundwater discovered deep in a mine in South Africa

The world’s water cycle is more widespread than once thought.

Double whammy of groundwater in India- Decrease in reserve and increasing carbon emissions

Over-extraction of groundwater is a major environmental challenge in many parts of India. It is not only leading to a rapid decline in groundwater...

Study: Uranium spoiling groundwater in Rajasthan

India extracts more than a third of worldwide groundwater resources and more than 90% of this is being used for irrigation. Long-term exposure to...

How changes in climate and land use will impact groundwater?

Researchers from UNSW and Germany are directing exploration this week at Wellington Caves in NSW as a feature of a worldwide undertaking to better...

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