Thursday, May 26, 2022


Earliest dinosaurs were warm-blooded animals, study

Taking dinosaurs’ temperature with a new biomarker.

Dinosaur’s butthole described in detail for the 1st time

All-purpose dinosaur opening reconstructed for the first time.

These cat-sized mammals lived a few hundred thousand years after dinosaurs’ extinction

Paleontologists discover 3 new species of primitive ungulates.

Giant predatory dinosaurs could hunt underwater, found study

They include species like Spinosaurus from northern Africa and Baryonyx from England.

The dinosaurs-killing asteroid struck Earth during springtime

The last day of the dinosaurs.

Earth’s first known giant creature

Whales were not the first marine giants to evolve.

An ancient relative of Velociraptor is unearthed

The first time a large raptor has been found in the UK.

Australia’s largest flying reptile uncovered

A ‘fearsome dragon’ that soared over outback Queensland.

Herbivores diversified quickly after mass extinctions to eat different kinds of plants

The evolution of herbivores is linked to the plants that survived and adapted after the ‘great dying’, when over 90% of the world’s species were wiped out 252 million years ago.

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