Larger human brains offer a protective effect against dementia

Intracranial and cerebral volume trends in Framingham Heart Study.

Active social lives boost well-being in dementia care

Social isolation linked to hospitalization, nursing home entry in older adults.

AI-assisted bacterial fermentation advances Alzheimer’s drug

Biosensor and machine learning assist in amaryllidaceae enzyme engineering.

Healthy diet linked to slower aging, lower dementia risk

Dietary patterns, aging rate, and dementia risk in Framingham study.

Air pollution can cause more signs of Alzheimer’s in the brain

PM2.5 Exposure linked to Alzheimer's Disease pathology in brain donors.

Dementia risk increases after mouth ulcer virus

Herpes simplex virus infection doubles Dementia risk in adults.

Stressed-out brain cells are the cause of neurodegenerative disease

Constant stress triggered by clumping proteins is killing brain cells.

Language barriers put more aggression in people with Dementia

Demographics and neuropsychiatric symptoms in immigrant and non-immigrant people with Dementia.

Aussie foods tied to Alzheimer’s risk

Analyzing dietary patterns in Alzheimer's vs. healthy individuals.

Playing an instrument improves brain health in older age

Analyzing cognitive development in UK aging cohort via musical instruments.

Increased dementia risk due to hearing loss

Using hearing aids may lower dementia risk in older adults with hearing loss.

Study identifies a wide range of risk factors for young-onset dementia

The groundwork for new prevention strategies.

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