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Goal-setting calendar. Image: Estee Janssens/Unsplash

Study revealed personalized goal setting could help people with dementia

A group of UCLA-led researchers investigated how personalized goal setting could be utilized to help people with dementia obtain what is important to them. Dr....
SVD scan

Artificial Intelligence improves stroke and dementia diagnosis in brain scans

Imperial scientists in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh have developed a new software that can detect and quantify the severity of small vessel disease, one...
Factors that support quality of life in people with dementia. CREDIT University of Exeter

Scientists unveiled key factors to support quality of life in dementia

According to a new study by the University of Exeter in collaboration with the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the National for Health...
Findings could have significant implications for the way stimulation of acetylcholine is used to treat Alzheimer’s.

Nicotinic receptors and long-term memory could lead to more targeted and effective therapies for...

At present, the fundamental medicines for Alzheimer's ailment are drugs that expansion levels of acetylcholine in the cerebrum. The University of Bristol paper, distributed...
brain imaging result

New confound study revealed, not being aware of memory problems predicts onset of Alzheimer’s...

A team of McGill University clinician-scientists has recently confirmed a suspicion that doctors who work with people at risk of developing dementia have long...
Dancing can Reverse the Signs of Aging

Dancing can Reverse the Signs of Aging

Growing older means lots of chances of suffering mental and physical weakness. But a new study suggests, regular partake in physical exercise especially in dancing...