Early life concussions linked to later cognitive decline

Twin study links brain injury to cognitive decline in older veterans.

Scientists discovered a new cause of Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia

Study highlights microglia degeneration in brain caused by iron toxicity.

Dementia risk rises with menopausal hormone therapy

A nationwide study explores the link between menopausal hormone therapy and dementia.

Living alone is linked to higher cognitive decline risk

Living alone's impact on caring for cognitive impairment patients.

Is depression a predictor or risk factor for Dementia?

Depression across life stages and Dementia in Denmark.

Acid reflux drugs linked to Dementia

Long-term PPI use linked to increased Dementia risk.

Cognitive function: The power of scent

Olfactory enrichment improves memory and brain structure in older adults.

Spinal fluid protein predicts mild cognitive impairment and early dementia

New targets for treating and preventing Alzheimer's and dementias.

Alzheimer’s disease: Loss of smell as an early warning sign

Smell tests could help identify people at risk for Alzheimer's.

Phyllodulcin could be a promising Alzheimer’s disease treatment

Hydrangeas' natural sweetener inhibited amyloid β aggregation in an animal model study.

Some minor links between systemic inflammation and dementia in future 

UK Biobank data analysis suggests inflammatory biomarkers might help identify risk of dementia.

AI can predict your future health

Machine learning automates abdominal aortic calcification Assessment.

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