The most sensitive radio image ever of a globular cluster

An ancient ball of tightly-packed stars.

Astronomers look 3.5 billion years into the past

Astronomers focused their work specifically on the old, compact clusters.

Webb and Hubble united to create the most colorful view of the universe

The result: a vivid landscape of galaxies along with more than a dozen newly found time-varying objects.

The rate at which large cosmic structures grow is slower than predicted

It’s like a fabric loom where one-, two- and three-dimensional collapses look like a sheet.

A new image of a galaxy cluster revealing distant and dusty objects never seen before

Webb spotlights gravitational arcs in ‘El Gordo’ galaxy cluster.

Astronomers confirmed the longest-known tail of superheated gas behind a galaxy group

Galaxies go on a deep dive and leave fiery tail behind.

A galaxy with tendrils

The galaxy lies almost 600 million light-years away in the constellation Sextans.

Astronomers witness the birth of a very distant galactic cluster from the early Universe

Using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), of which ESO is a partner, astronomers have discovered a large reservoir of hot gas in the...

AI uncovered a secret equation for weighing galaxy clusters

A better way to estimate the mass of colossal clusters of galaxies.

NASA’s Webb new images of Pandora’s Cluster show a stronger, wider, better lens

The new view of Pandora’s Cluster stitches four Webb snapshots together into one panoramic image.

Hubble captures a fantastic view of globular cluster

Star cluster Terzan 2 is glittering.

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