chronic pain

Ultrasound relieves deep brain pain

Noninvasive neuromodulation affects insula and pain processing.

Research reveals alternative to opioids for chronic pain

FEM-1689, a specific σ2R/TMEM97 ligand, eases neuropathic pain.

The negative impact of alcohol on chronic pain management

Alcohol intake and withdrawal can lead to increased pain and hypersensitivity.

Largest-ever genetic study revealed genetic regions associated with endometriosis

The study found new data about the variants that increase the risk of the disease.

Being flexible is key to protecting mental health in people with chronic pain

It may be the pain interference on daily life, rather than the intensity of the pain.

Are antidepressants for chronic pain effective?

A more thoughtful approach to prescribing for pain needed.

Wirelessly-controlled Bandage helps heal chronic wounds more effectively

This 'smart' bandage can deliver fresh medication to the wound without being removed.

Pain-induced changes in the brain explain the limited effectiveness of opioid therapy

A new study from the NIH’s Intramural Research Program and McGill University suggests that the pain-induced changes in the brain’s opioid system suggest the...

Managing neuropathic pain with light

For patients with neuropathic pain- a constant disease influencing 7 to 8% of the European populace, with no compelling treatment - this can be...

Reading Good Book may Help Ease Chronic Pain

Chronic pain lasts for a long time. Chronic pain can cause due to many conditions, but sometimes it begins mysteriously. Although, it is an...

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