Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Black Hole

An isolated black hole is roaming our Milky Way galaxy

Strong evidence for a lone black hole drifting through interstellar space.

The fastest-growing black hole of the last nine billion years discovered

The black hole consumes the equivalent of one Earth every second.

A binary supermassive black hole system discovered in blazar

The system could be the site of future gravitational wave detection.

Missing link found between young star-forming galaxies and the first supermassive black holes

Hubble sheds light on the origins of supermassive black holes.

Stars outside the Milky Way are heavier than we thought

New discovery about distant galaxies.

Groundbreaking Discovery: First ever image of the Milky Way’s Supermassive black hole

The image is a long-anticipated look at the massive object that sits at the very centre of our galaxy.

A monster black hole just flipped its magnetic field

A black hole's magnetic reversal.

NASA releases sonification of a black hole

Hear what a black hole sounds like.

A rare black widow binary discovered

It has the shortest orbit yet identified.

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