Thursday, March 30, 2023

Black Hole

Brightest gamma-ray burst ever reveals new mysteries of cosmic explosions

Scientists believe the gamma-ray emission, which lasted over 300 seconds, is the birth cry of a black hole.

Scientists discovered one of the biggest black holes ever found

An object over 30 billion times the mass of our Sun.

AI uncovered a secret equation for weighing galaxy clusters

A better way to estimate the mass of colossal clusters of galaxies.

Indirect evidence found for the existence of dark matter surrounding black holes

The study provides an important new direction for future dark matter research.

Discovery of bubble-blowing relativistic jets at the center of the Teacup galaxy

Study reveals a process that explains the peculiar morphology of the central region of the Teacup galaxy.

New insights into one of the cosmos’ most extreme environments

A star’s unexpected survival.

Chandra detected a galaxy lonelier than expected

The result may push the limits for how quickly astronomers expect galaxies to grow in the early universe.

A rapidly growing black hole discovered in one of the most extreme galaxies

The discovery provides new clues on the formation of the very first supermassive black holes.

Astronomers spotted a rogue supermassive black hole tearing through space

Along the way, the giant is creating shock waves and triggering star formation.

NASA’s Chandra discovers giant black holes on a collision course

This is the first evidence for such an impending encounter.

Physicists create a new model of ringing black holes

New analysis shows "nonlinear" effects contained in gravitational waves.

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