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Washington State University researcher Leah Sheppard has found that attractive businesswomen are considered less trustworthy, less truthful and more worthy of being fired than less attractive women. CREDIT Washington State University

Attractive businesswomen are considered less trustworthy

They’ve been told attractive people are better off. Thanks to an innate human bias that’s become known as the “what is beautiful is good”...
Examples of masculinized (a) and feminized (b) versions of men’s faces used to assess facial-masculinity preferences in our study.

Women’s preference for masculine faces not linked with hormones

According to a new study by the Association for Psychological Science suggest that women’s preferences for masculine characteristics in men’s faces are related to women’s hormonal...
What makes a man’s body attractive? 

What makes a man’s body attractive? 

In numerous mammalian species, females developed to favor the strongest males. A new research by the Griffith University also suggested the same for humans....
Women With Attractive Partners Suffer Bad Self-Esteem

Women With Attractive Partners Suffer Bad Self-Esteem

According to the new study by the scientists at Florida State University, women with attractive partners are more likely to have bad self-esteem. They are...