Sunday, February 5, 2023


Early retirement can accelerate cognitive decline

Access to retirement plans can play a significant role in explaining cognitive decline at older ages.

Drinking during pregnancy changes the baby’s brain structure

Unfortunately, many pregnant women are unaware of the influence of alcohol on the fetus during pregnancy.

The study offers evidence that alcohol accelerates biological aging

It has been less certain whether alcohol also accelerates the aging process.

Drinking alone during adolescence increases the risk for alcohol use disorder

This risk is especially high for women.

One alcoholic drink a day is associated with a reduction in brain size

Heavier drinking was linked with an even greater toll.

Non-alcoholic beer that tastes just like regular beer

It’s a game-changer for a non-alcoholic drink.

Alcohols show quantum effects

A new insight into the properties of liquid dielectrics.

Good news for wine and cheese lovers

The study indicates diet may help reduce cognitive decline.

Every week of lockdown increases binge drinking, study

Study participants who regularly drank at harmful levels shown to consume six drinks per session, compared to two alcoholic beverages for those less regular binge drinkers.

These 29 genetic variants are linked to problematic drinking

Problematic alcohol use—that is, heavy drinking, or drinking that is accompanied by unpleasant consequences—tends to increase as people go through late adolescence, peaking at...

People are more likely to choose non-alcoholic drinks if more of those drinks are available

A new study by the University of Bristol aimed to determine the impact of increasing the absolute and relative availability of non-alcoholic compared to...

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