Low social status increases alcohol-related health risks

People with low income or education levels may benefit from screening for alcohol-related conditions.

Similar drinking habits in couples linked to longer life

Alcohol use and mortality in older couples in the US.

AI-assisted bacterial fermentation advances Alzheimer’s drug

Biosensor and machine learning assist in amaryllidaceae enzyme engineering.

Considering non-alcoholic drinks for alcohol problems

Non-alcoholic beverages are standard among US alcohol users.

Skin disinfectant choice impacts surgery infection risk

Antisepsis importance in extremity fracture surgery.

Eliminating the largest wine glasses reduces wine sold in bars and pubs

The finding could provide one way of nudging customers to drink less alcohol.

Holiday health challenges uncovered in OSU survey

Americans' holiday struggle with health habits.

Growing liver cancer rates in successive Mexican American generations

Rising liver cancer risk in generations of Mexican Americans: Multiethnic cohort study.

Hormones have the potential to treat liver fibrosis

Homeostatic pericyte signaling in murine MASH: Single-cell resolution.

AI for predicting and preventing sudden cardiac death

Abstract 347 at AHA resuscitation science symposium 2023.

Paternal leave may safeguard men from alcohol-related illness

Effects of paternal leave on alcohol morbidity in Sweden.

Childhood trauma is a “strong predictor” of adolescent cannabis usage

The study calls for greater support to help young people avoid problematic drug use.

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