Positive side of suppressing negative thoughts in mental health

Enhancing mental health through thought suppression training.

High body temperature suppresses virus replication, study

Understanding the effect of body temperature on viral infection.

Rutgers Scientists invent deadly disease detection tool

Rapid pathogen quantification: A digital assay using DNA nanoballs.

Understanding how signaling proteins stop inflammation

MKK6-p38α complex: Defining MAPK activation.

A dive into the question of whether a COVID cure could lead to harmful mutations of the virus

A COVID cure worse than the disease?

COVID patients emit 1,000 virus copies per min in early symptoms

Exhaled SARS-CoV-2 RNA copies during COVID-19 infection.

Screen time is linked to childhood development delays

The relation between screen time exposure among children aged 1 year and 5 domains of developmental delay at age 2 and 4 years.

Python parasite found in Australian woman’s brain

Human neural larva migrans Linked to ophidascaris robertsi Ascarid.

COVID-19 virus is evolving rapidly in white-tailed deer

Study finds deer are virus reservoirs, promoting ongoing mutation.

Immune resilience: The key to a long and healthy life

Defying inflammation: How immune resilience enhances longevity and infection immunity.

Reports of forced intercourse remained high during the pandemic

Young women report higher rates of forced sexual intercourse during pandemic.

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