Targeting tired immune cells to prevent breast cancer

Mapping cellular shifts in the adult human breast.

Waist-to-height ratio is a better indicator of fat obesity in young people than BMI

The waist-to-height ratio correlates better than BMI with DEXA measurements of fat mass.

Each additional 1cm of waist measurement raises women’s infertility risk

Association between waist circumference and female infertility.

The association between assisted reproductive technologies and obesity

The associations between different fertility treatments and BMI in children.

Body dissatisfaction linked to increased risk of depression

It may be that some public health messaging could be fostering feelings of guilt or shame.

Reassessing adolescent fitness impact on future cardiovascular health

Exploring cardiovascular risk in teens: Genes and environment.

Political views and welfare attitudes impact obesity perception

Weight stigma, welfare attitudes, and politics in a British survey.

Weight control may help women live longer

Maintaining a healthy weight may help women live to 90, 95, or 100.

Most overweight individuals do not risk increased mortality

BMI’s link with mortality may also vary by age, per two decades of data on more than half a million US adults.

Alcohol and smoking to blame for premature deaths among night owls

Staying up late at night has little impact on how long ‘night owls’ live.

Hip replacement surgery: NHS needs to change weight policies

BMI policies reduce access to hip replacement surgery.

People with strong legs are less likely to develop heart failure after a heart attack

Heart attack patients with strong legs have better prognosis.

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