A System to Prevent Tanker Trucks from Tipping over

A powerful instrument to lobby the government to make the necessary changes.


Current legalization is part of the reason for countless accidents involving tanker trucks. There are strict tenets for securing a strong load, however, there are none for the vehicle of fluids in tanker trucks.

Transporting load of tins of oil needs to pack tins in boxes and tie the load down with tarpaulin and ratchet straps.

This prevents the load from shifting during transport. Be that as it may, there is right now no real way to secure a heap of, for instance, 20,000 liters of oil in a 40,000-liter tank. The outcome is that the fluid load sloshes around, which causes dangerous circumstances.

An engineer at the University of Twente has created a new system that can liquid loads. He used some inflatable components that could potentially prevent tanker trucks from tipping over. Furthermore, the components also perform the job of reducing fuel consumption.

Tanker trucks generally carry dangerous liquids such as oil must be fitted with perforated baffles. The perplexes impede the forward development of the fluid while braking.

Mr. Eenkhoorn’s Ph.D. said, “The baffles do not provide any lateral stability, so there is still a high likelihood of the truck tipping over when cornering or in an emergency. Moreover, these baffles are not compulsory for certain liquids, such as liquid manure or milk. The research demonstrates that the dynamic behavior of every liquid in a tanker truck causes hazardous situations if the load is not secured properly.”

Eenkhoorn spent almost 10 years to find an alternative for the baffles. And now he comes up with his solution  i.e., an inflatable system called the ‘Cairbag’. It is a type of airbag made of rubber or TPU that is placed inside the tank.

The system has share retaining bags that fill the empty space in the tank and absorbs the pressure of the bulk liquid. Thus, the load can no longer slosh around during transport.

Eenkhoorn said, “Because the load no longer moves during transport, you save between 5 and 6% on fuel.In contrast, tankers with baffles guzzle fuel and may face heavy fines because of their environmental impact.”

Eenkhoorn infers that the current laws should be changed the world over to diminish mishaps including tanker trucks tipping over.

He said, “The same rules that apply to solid loads should be applied to bulk liquids. Lawmakers need to reconsider the compulsory use of baffles. Such laws can only be changed if there is scientific justification to do so. This research has provided such justification. It is a powerful instrument to lobby the government to make the necessary changes.”

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