Substance in hair may be a marker for alcohol consumption

The window of detection of alcohol consumption can be extended through the use of hair as a matrix.


Ethyl glucuronide (EtG) and ethyl sulphate (EtS) are 2 non‐oxidative and direct metabolites of ethanol. EtG is known to accumulate in hair and has proved to be a reliable biomarker for detection of chronic alcohol consumption. EtS has been analysed in blood and urine but has never been reported in hair.

In a new study, scientists have developed a new method to quantify EtS in hair samples from patients treated for alcohol use disorders. Scientists reported that the method can be used to assess alcohol consumption.

The window of detection of alcohol utilization can be stretched out using hair as a network. Likewise, contrasted and more customary grids, (for example, blood and pee), hair is simpler to gather, transport, and store.

Lead author Dr. Delphine Cappelle, of the University of Antwerp, in Belgium said, “EtS in hair shows potential as a direct biomarker for alcohol consumption and should be subject to future research.”

The study is reported in the journal Drug Testing & Analysis.


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