Scientists create a complex of installations for the control of materials of fast neutron reactors

Development and manufacture of a complex of installations for materials testing of irradiated materials and structural elements of advanced nuclear reactors in hot cells.


The present level of advancement of atomic power requires 100% of the fuel cladding snugness amid the whole time of their operation. An accomplishment of this pointer is incomprehensible without cautious post-reactor investigations of spent fuel components, which are right now being done in major logical focuses in Russia: SSC NIIAR JSC and IRM JSC, outfitted with “hot” chambers and exceptional hardware.

An arrangement of unique strategies and offices for non-damaging testing of illuminated fuel bar groups of forthcoming fast neutron reactors (BN and BREST) in the “hot” assemblies of the JSC “IRM”, which will lessen expensive dangerous tests, is being NNPU MEPhI.

Specifically, a technique for ultrasonic reverberation spectroscopy is utilized to explore the corruption of physical and mechanical properties of fuel pole cladding, their erosion harm and the nearness of breaks. It is described by high affectability to estimated parameters, unwavering quality, and simplicity of support by methods for standard controllers in states of high radiation foundation of “hot” chambers.

The venture “Improvement and produce of a complex of establishments for materials testing of lighted materials and basic components of cutting-edge atomic reactors in hot cells” is done as per the Agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia inside the structure of the execution of the

“Modernization of the current and making of another trial stand base for substantiating physical standards, outline and building arrangements, investigation, and avocation of the usage of essential logical and mechanical arrangements of imaginative atomic vitality the vital program of research completed by the Technology Platform “Shut Nuclear Fuel Cycle with Fast neutron Reactors”.

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