Period pain in women, like a heart attack


Every month, almost every woman experiences menstrual cramps. Many of the women’s and doctors have avoided it by thinking pain is something to tolerate as normal. But, according to new research, this period of pain can be as dangerous as having a ‘heart attack’.

According to family physicians from the Academy of America, period pain affects the lives of one out of five women.

John Guillebaud, professor of reproductive health at University College London, said, “Men don’t get it and hasn’t it been given the centrality it should have. I believe, it’s like something that should be taken care of like everything else in medicine.”

The lack of interest in women’s health often means that some women can have serious health problems dismissed as ‘lady pains’ by unsyphetetic GPs.

Most of the women suffer frequently in silence from this painful journey. Not because this topic has not been openly discussed yet but also because there is no real treatment at hand. Whereas periods are the most basic reality of women’s life, and several women suffer from tolerating pain. Many doctors do not seem to take it seriously, as it should.

There are two main reasons for period pain, The first is ‘Dysmenorrhea’ which the clinical term for painful menstruation that affects women no sooner than they start with their periods. Although there is very little research on its causes and treatment.

The other is Endometriosis, which occurs when the tissue of the endometrium becomes larger outside the womb. The body reacts to its injury with infection. The most common symptom of it is severe menstrual cramps. There is no cure for it. However, this condition can harm fertility. More research is being done on this.

Doctors are not clear about causes, possible treatments, and why it affects some women but not others for both dysmenorrhea and endometriosis conditions.

Richard Legro said, “He was inspecting the cause of period pain and has found proof that Viagra can treat dysmenorrhea. Thus for, no one will fund his research.”

Then he said, “I have applied three or four times but it always gets ignored. I think the bottom line is, nobody thinks menstrual cramps is an important public health issue.”


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