One of World’s Brightest LED Flashlight


Today, powerful white-light-emitting diodes (LED) are increasingly replacing incandescent bulbs with practical flashlights. They are more efficient than incandescent lamps and produce the order of 100 lumens for every watt. It can light up EVERYTHING in your field of vision.

A new type of the world’s brightest flashlight has been invented that emits 108,000 lumens. The lights have 18x 100W Cool White LEDs wired up 2 and 2 in series. This cuts the current draw in half compared to wiring them all parallel.

The current is still a whopping 27 Amps, so it has been split between 4 power supplies. Thus, it allows using thinner wires. These LED lights produce seven times more light than halogen bulbs, giving an equal 8.4 kW Halogen.

The converters (Power supplies) are switch-mode boost converters. They take an input voltage of 10-60V and optimize above the 64V needed for the LEDs.

The flashlight is powered by 12 cells of Lipo batteries at 5.2 Ah each. The current starts varying when the battery voltage rises to 50.4V and drops to 40V. The batteries are rated for a continuous output of 52A, which is not excited.

The light drains the whole battery in 10 minutes at full power. Draining such an amount of power produces a lot of heat. And after 6 minutes, the flashlight becomes too hot to handle against its two computer fans within the body.

This flashlight does not have necessarily practical popularity. It has some drawbacks, too. For example, such powerful lights in someone’s eyes could temporarily blind them, and holding on to such heat could cause burning chances.


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