Novel needleless device that take blood without a needle

A needleless device to take pain-free blood samples at home.


Scientists from the Loop Medical, an EPFL based startup are developing a needleless device to take pain-free blood samples at home. Through this device, users will be able to take the blood samples painlessly in the comfort of your home.

Right now, 70% of therapeutic choices depend on those investigations. With the rapid development of personalized medicine, this trend is likely to gain momentum.

Loop’s Medical’s products will make it simple to draw enough blood for an extended scope of tests. This is uplifting news for individuals who require consistent blood tests – and for any individual who shies from needles. The palm-sized gadget is intended to enable clients to take their own blood at home without the assistance of a social insurance proficient. In the wake of being situated on the client’s arm, it will draw an adequate measure of blood in generally a similar measure of the time required for a conventional blood test.

The examples will then be sent to a particular lab through a setup conveyance convention. Notwithstanding the advancement of compact analytic frameworks, blood tests still should be tried in the lab. For Queval, “decentralized gadgets, for the most part, offer a set number of tests, and it’s hard to make the cost-focused with those honed in the research centre.”

The fascinating thing about this device that it works by connecting to the internet. Means, the samples will be traceable from the moment blood is drawn until the results are delivered, thereby reducing the scope for errors that could lead to a misdiagnosis.

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