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Ultra-light glove lets users “touch” virtual objects

Ultra-light glove lets users “touch” virtual objects

Scientists at the EPFL in collaboration with ETH Zurich have developed a light-weight glove that can feel and manipulate virtual objects. Moreover, it can potentially...
Controlling chemical reactions near absolute zero

Controlling chemical reactions near absolute zero

Chemistry is ubiquitous. Be that as it may, regardless of advances, it remains a key test to pick up an entire understanding and command over...
The study is based on a research program carried out from start to finish by EPFL. © LASIG / EPFL

A study to maintain food security in Uganda

Theileriases are a group of tickborne diseases caused by Theileria spp. A large number of Theileria spp are found in domestic and wild animals...
Growing hand with HoxD combinatorial code. The image below is an overlay of the large-scale hand sculpture with Hox genes combinatorial code distribution along a diffusion map, illustrating genetic diversity in the growing limb. Each dot being one cell, the colors represent the single-cell combinatorial Hoxd code that match with different degree of differentiation, a recent concept also described as pseudo-temporal ordering of single-cells. The graphic highlights the switch between cellular temporal states involved in a regulatory network. The cells with only one gene are in a more premature state while the one expressing a higher set of these genes being at the end of their maturation. Credit: Sculpture and “del desierto” from Chilean sculptor Mario Irrarazabal in Atacama Desert. Graphical representation of pseudotime by P. Fabre and Q. Lo Giudice, University of Geneva.

The gene code of growing limbs

At the point when a fetus develops, everything must be planned to perfection: cell division and separation, gene expression, cell-to-cell signaling, and morphogenesis must...
Another step towards the hand prosthesis of the future

Another step towards the hand prosthesis of the future

Throughout the years, different solutions have been emerged to reestablish information to individuals with limb amputation. In any case, this data is still a...
Using biosensors to deliver personalized doses of antibiotics

Using biosensors to deliver personalized doses of antibiotics

A group of eight EPFL understudies has concocted a convenient biosensor that can gauge the measure of vancomycin in a patient's bloodstream, empowering specialists...
Electron micrograph of the cholera-causing pathogen inside an aquatic amoeba

How the cholera bacterium survives water predators

Cholera is caused by Vibrio cholerae, a gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria with a small bend in the middle and long tail-like flagella. V. cholerae looks...
Salman Faraji and Amy Wu© Alain Herzog / 2018 EPFL

New avatar-based software uses your gait to predict how many calories you will burn

By studying eight gait parameters, EPFL scientists have come up with a sophisticated avatar-based software program that looks at how people walk in order...
dominant men

Dominant men make decisions faster

Hierarchies exist overall human and animal societies, sorted out by what conduct researchers allude to as predominance. Overwhelming people tend to move higher up...