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Earthquakes can be weakened by groundwater

Earthquakes can be weakened by groundwater

Around 100,000 earthquakes are recorded worldwide consistently, yet not all are normally happening. A portion of the weaker ones are activated by human movement...
Optical fibers that can “feel” the materials around them

Optical fibers that can “feel” the materials around them

Until now, the optical fiber had different applications. Now, EPFL scientists have come up with a new method that enables optical fibers to identify whether...
Designing ultra-aerodynamic bike using AI

Designing a ultra-aerodynamic bike using AI

Scientists at the Neural Concept, an EPFL spin-off, have developed artificial-intelligence-based software to boost the performance of its bike. The AI can calculate the...
A magnetic hard drive

A step forward towards single-atom data storage

Regardless of the ascent of solid-state drives, magnetic storage devices, for example, regular hard drives and attractive tapes are still exceptionally normal. In any...

The mushroom that works like a green 3D printer

It's not simply mycologists who are keen in the physical properties of mushrooms. Today a developing community of environmentally conscious consumers is looking all...
© Jamani Caillet / 2018 EPFL

Making opaque materials totally transparent

Most of the organic materials have a cluttered nuclear structure that meddles with the engendering of both sound and electromagnetic waves. At the point...
A wind turbine in the Romanian Carpathians. © 2018 EPFL

Striking the right balance between wind energy and biodiversity

In collaboration with the University of Bucharest in Romania, scientists at the EPFL have developed a simulator that can calculate the performance of wind farms. Researchers from...
Novel approach to boost motor recovery after a stroke

Novel approach to boost motor recovery after a stroke

Combining a brain-computer interface (BCI) with functional electrical stimulation (FES) can help stroke casualties recuperate more noteworthy utilization of their paralyzed arm – even...
Cross section of brain showing the dentate gyrus ("Gyrus dentatus" at bottom center). Credit: Henry Gray, Anatomy of the Human Body (1918).

Scientists discovered the neurons that rewrite traumatic memories

Memories of traumatic experiences can prompt psychological wellness issues, for example, post-horrendous pressure issue (PTSD), which can decimate a person's life.  It is as...