New High-Tech Friendship Bracelets Teach Kids How to Code


Generally, a friendship bracelet considered as a bracelet given by your friend as a symbol of friendship. It comes in various types including from knotted threads to plastic lanyards and etc. Today’s generation wear it as a wearable technology with lots of educational benefits. Now, Sara Chipps and Brooke Moreland come together and built a new product. Scientists develop this product to lift up friendship bracelets from fashion symbol to an interactive, educational tool that teaches children to code. This product is called as Jewelbots.

This novel friendship bracelet offers a new way of low-cost coding classes for adult women.

Chipps said, “I heard repeatedly from these women that they wished they could have learned coding skills when they were young.”

Chipps designed the bracelets in such way that will change color according to Girl’s outfit. But, the jewelry fell flat in testing groups because girls got bored.

She said, “We have to give them something they love so they learn and code. So, we went directly to the girls and asked them for advice. Their nearly unanimous answer was to design something centered on friendship.”

Chipps came up with Jewelbots through their feedback. The bracelet is simple enough. There are electronics and LED lights embedded within a plastic charm. They are marked with a flower design and threaded onto a woven strap. It will work wirelessly by Bluetooth. The Bluetooth-enabled charm can be programmed to react with more than 8 friends. It glows in a unique color when a certain friend is in range. Girls can also send secret messages to each other through lights and vibrations.

We can pair these Jewelbots friendship bracelets with a smartphone app. This app transforms this bracelet into an educational tool. Girls can program their Jewelbot by using rudimentary coding to respond to almost anything. For example, from changes in the weather to a new Instagram post.

As it works by Bluetooth, adds on nearby networks to extend their reach. The bracelet does not work with other wireless or GPS technology to protect kid’s privacy. It could also be programmed to send a message. It is available for $69 on company’s website.


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