A Light-Emitting Wall Panel: An Interactive Work of Art


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Technology is ruling the world these days. When technology combines with art, it changes the most ubiquitous and boring things more excited. Technology is redefining art in strange, new ways. It provides artists with new tools for expression. Similarly, an Australian company ENESS have created a light-emitting wall panel. This light-emitting wall panel soon becomes interactive work of art.

This light-emitting wall panel is called as Lumes. It looks like an average wall from afar. Lumes is designed to display animations through its integrated LED array. The animations can be displayed remotely adjusted as per the customer’s preference. For that purpose, the consumer needs to use ENESS’s proprietary software. When someone walks past it, it triggers the wall’s motion through activated sensors.

This light emitting wall panel easily integrates with existing surfaces. The consumer can construct it according to the desired dimensions. The first Lumes panel on display is found in Australia at the entrance of the Cabrini Hospital’s Pediatrics Ward in Malvern, Victoria.

As someone walks past, Lumes triggers animations including animals peeking their heads out of grass, raindrops falling, rockets launching, and runners following human movements. The system can even discern when people approach closer to the wall and respond with larger animations.

An ENESS representative said, “Lumes is a really nice fit for a children’s ward. It’s also aiming to use in other areas too. For example, with hospitality and retail applications. For example, we suggested was directional arrows to help navigate a large building, which the rep said would indeed work, but the firm also aims to try and integrate data visualization somehow.

Engineers are now thinking to make the animations more responsive to sound and integrate touch- and heat-sensitivity into the current technology. Once the panels are in place, the animations can tweak or change remotely with the firm’s own custom software.