The Lancet

Obese women don’t need to put on extra kilos during pregnancy, study

The guidelines for weight gain during pregnancy in obese women have long been questioned.

HIV prevention medication doubles with digital health interventions

HIV prevention among young people at risk for HIV acquisition.

Rheumatoid arthritis drugs may prevent disease

Abatacept tested in high-risk individuals for rheumatoid arthritis in phase 2b trial.

New treatments for severe blood disorders in bone marrow

Sabatolimab plus hypomethylating agents in phase 2 MDS trial.

COVID-19 vaccine gaps linked to 7,000+ hospitalizations, deaths

Link between undervaccination and severe COVID-19.

Unveiling superbug drivers beyond antibiotic

Longitudinal study of multidrug-resistant E. coli across countries.

Longer life with the aid of hearing aids

Study links hearing aid use to lower mortality in U.S. adults with hearing loss.

Advancing infection diagnosis: Study on innovative metagenomic tool

France's clinical metagenomics: A study on performance

Weekly insulin injections for diabetes management

Comparing weekly and daily insulin in type 1 diabetes (ONWARDS 6).

Life expectancy may drop by 14 years with type 2 diabetes diagnosis at age 30

Type 2 diabetes diagnosis age & life expectancy: A 23-million-year study.

Shedding light on the blue legs symptom of Long Covid

Long COVID unveiled: Exploring dysautonomia, venous insufficiency, and acrocyanosis.

Asthma and lung function in children is associated with food allergy

Food allergy and lung function at six years.

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