The Lancet

Weekly insulin injections for diabetes management

Comparing weekly and daily insulin in type 1 diabetes (ONWARDS 6).

Life expectancy may drop by 14 years with type 2 diabetes diagnosis at age 30

Type 2 diabetes diagnosis age & life expectancy: A 23-million-year study.

Shedding light on the blue legs symptom of Long Covid

Long COVID unveiled: Exploring dysautonomia, venous insufficiency, and acrocyanosis.

Asthma and lung function in children is associated with food allergy

Food allergy and lung function at six years.

New bacterial strain linked to Hydrocephalus in Ugandan infants

New research confirms bacterial outbreak threatening Uganda's newborns.

Hip fracture care and costs vary widely across NHS hospitals

NHS hospitals need to improve hip fracture care to reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Radiotherapy boost offers hope for shorter breast cancer treatment

SIB radiotherapy: A new hope for early breast cancer patients.

A new treatment for alopecia areata is safe for adolescents

This new work is a huge advancement for treating alopecia areata.

Almost nowhere on earth is safe

World first study into global daily air pollution shows almost nowhere on earth is safe.

Respiratory disease in children linked to a higher risk of death for adults

Early childhood infection is linked to a higher risk of dying from respiratory disease.

Mixing Covid-19 vaccine increases reactogenicity

Adverse reactions were short-lived, with no other safety concerns.

Home-based blood pressure monitoring should be commonplace in NHS, study

In a new study by the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and Birmingham, scientists reported that at the point when GPs construct their medicine changes in light...

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