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Airplane noise linked to increased heart health hospitalizations

Research explores cardiovascular hospitalizations and deaths near Heathrow airport.

Nano-plastics disrupt the growth of the heart, eyes, and nervous system

Malformations in heart, eyes and nervous system.

Breathing dirty air could boost the risk of obesity, study

Air pollution has a significant impact on population health and has been identified as the fifth leading risk factor for mortality worldwide. Studies in...

Exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic fields at work not associated with brain tumors

Until now, many health experts have suggested that exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic fields is hazardous for the brain. It can lead to brain tumors...

Recycled electrical products lead to hazardous chemicals appearing in everyday items

Dangerous chemicals, for example, bromine, antimony, and lead, are finding their way into food-contact items and other daily items. This happens due to manufacturers...

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