How gender discrimination affects the wellbeing of older women?

11% of women aged 52+ face gender discrimination, causing depression, loneliness, and poor quality of life.

The surprising connection: Low resting heart rate and crime in women

Low autonomic nervous system arousal might perhaps drive stimulation-seeking tendencies.

Climate change and its impact on North American animal species

North American cities may see a significant species turnover by the end of the century.

The science of reducing stress with dogs

EEG scans reveal specific changes in brain activity while petting, walking, and playing with a dog.

Experiencing homelessness with pets: A photo project

Exhibition viewers reported positive change in attitudes towards people experiencing homelessness with a pet.

Climate change: Impact on skiing regions and snow cover

Snow scarcity may push popular ski hubs to more remote areas and threaten livelihoods of local populations.

Investigating the science behind the Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof method can reduce inflammation by increasing epinephrine and decreasing pro-inflammatory cytokines.

The Ancient Mystery of Neolithic Boats

Canoes from Italy reveal early development of advanced nautical technology.

Exploring the trend of cannabinoid use among dog owners

Owners feel using cannabis or cannabidiol helps treat pups’ pain, behavioral issues, and allergies.

The Fascinating Growth Rates of Dinosaurs Revealed

High growth rates apparently a common feature among early Mesozoic animals.

The impact of microplastics on the Galápagos Islands Food Web

And excretion rate may determine whether or not these microplastics also bioaccumulate across trophic levels.

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