PLOS Genetics

Single-celled protists inside the guts of animals thrive without Mitochondria

Genomic analysis suggests the oxymonad lineage lost their mitochondria about 100 million years ago.

A nematode dormant for 46,000 years in Siberian permafrost revived

Genome analysis shows new nematode species shares molecular toolkit for survival with C. elegans.

Maize tolerance to moderate heat stress has increased

Researchers assess 81 years of public records and over 4,700 maize hybrid varieties.

A study of two new Pictish genomes shows Picts descended from Iron Age British populations

The study provides novel insights into the genetic affinities and population structure of the Picts.

The red junglefowl – the wild ancestor of the chicken – is losing its genetic diversity

DNA from domesticated chickens is tainting genomes of wild red junglefowl

Smart software sniffs sick strain of Salmonella

Dr Nicole Wheeler from the University of Canterbury in collaboration with Associate Professor Paul Gardner from the Helmholtz Institute has developed a smart software to...

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