Google’s AutoDraw Wants to Turn Your Doodles Into Art

A new AI-powered Google's AutoDraw.


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With this exciting AI era, everybody wants to start tinkering with machine learning technology. Why not? AI technology allows anyone to play in hands-on ways through pictures, drawings, language, music, and more.

By using this technology, Google makes it easier for anyone to create their own Doodle. Google has developed a new AI-powered Google’s AutoDraw.

Google’s AutoDraw works similarly to an AI-powered Microsoft Paint. It works by guessing what you are trying to draw. After that, it offers alternatives to building on.

It works on the machine learning algorithm to match your doodles with professional drawings.

In reality, Google’s AutoDraw uses the same technology as Google’s QuickDraw uses. QuickDraw challenges players to draw a picture of an object or idea and then uses a neural network artificial intelligence to guess what the drawings represent.

The AutoDraw- a drawing tool for everyone, from the rest of us to professional designers. Recognizing what you are drawing, it replaces the drawing with a version drawn by an artist.

While far from professional design software, AutoDraw is an intuitive, quick, and easy way to make cards and flyers.

Google AutoDraw

AutoDraw is free, easy to use, and works on any device from mobile, tablet, and computer. For example, if you are drawing a cake, the auto-suggestion tool will try to guess what that amorphous blob actually is.

Then, you can choose from a number of better-looking cakes made by talented artists.

Try your hand on Google’s AutoDraw here.


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