Modernizing the Internet’s architecture through software-defined networks

Researchers mold model for more nimble networks.

From mild to severe: Understanding the internet addiction spectrum

Comparing internet addiction's impact on AR Apps: Digital natives vs. older users.

Lights could be the future of the Internet and data transmission

Fast data transmissions could be delivered in homes and offices through light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

Optical fiber communication cables can warn against earthquakes

Optical Fibers Can Provide Early Warning for Earthquakes.

An innovative technology for 6G communication networks

A new waveguide could revolutionize THz signal transmission and processing for faster and broader communication links.

World Record: Internet speed of 319 Tb/s over 3,001 km

>120 nm signal bandwidth comprising 552 WDM channels and using both-doped fiber and Raman amplification.

Increased internet-access spending improves academic outcomes

A study of 9,000 Texas public schools.

New data transfer system to transmit information 10 times faster than a USB

The advance could improve the energy efficiency of data centers and lighten the load for electronics-rich vehicles.

Engineers achieved the record internet speed of 178 terabits per second

New internet speed record would allow downloading the entire Netflix library in less than a second.

Facebook builds a robot to install fiber-optic cable efficiently and cheaply

It aims to reduce the cost of deploying fiber cable to make internet service cheaper.

Loon launches its first commercial balloon-based internet service in Kenya

Through Loon technology, the company hopes to provide Internet access to rural and remote areas in Kenya.

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