An enormous asteroid is going to make a close approach to Earth on May 27

The largest asteroid that will make a close approach to Earth this year.


The largest asteroid with enormous size (1.8 km in diameter)- four times the size of the Empire State Building- is going to make a close approach to Earth on May 27, confirmed NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS).

Known as 7335 (1989 JA), the asteroid will fly by from 2.5 million miles (4 million kilometers). It is travelling at about 47,200 mph (76,000 km/h). It fits into a class of asteroids called the Apollo-class- asteroids that orbit the sun while periodically crossing Earth’s orbit.

NASA classified the asteroid as potentially hazardous, considering its proximity to Earth and its size. If there is a change in its orbit, then it could do enormous damage to our planet.

Asteroid 7335 (1989 JA) is one of more than 29,000 near-Earth objects (NEOs) that NASA tracks each year. 7335 (1989 JA) measures larger than about 99 percent of NEOs that NASA followed.

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