Boeing revealed a video of its successful Starliner parachute test

Boeing shows off Starliner parachute test


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On Friday, Boeing an American Aircraft manufacturing company has shared some behind-the-scenes footage of a successful parachute test for its Starliner crew capsule.

“It’s part of our path to qualifying the entire landing system to fly NASA astronauts,” Boeing Space tweeted with the video. The plan is for the crew to parachute down in the American southwest after departing the ISS aboard Boeing’s spacecraft, and keep it in good enough shape to be reused up to ten times.

The space agency, NASA has partnered with two companies- SpaceX and Boeing over the last decade with the aim to create safe and reliable spacecraft to taxi NASA’s finest to the International Space station. For the same purpose, SpaceX has developed its Crew Dragon capsule, while Boeing the CST-100 Starliner. These spaceships are designed to hold up to seven people.

But NASA recently reported the failure of SpaceX Crew Dragon parachute test. “The parachutes did not work as designed,” NASA’s William Gerstenmaier said during a House subcommittee hearing. The team is still studying the cause of the failure. Hope that the failure will never happen again, they’re important to test before anyone actually takes a ride in the thing.

This new parachute video seems designed to offer a little reassurance to NASA’s desired timeline for sending humans into space from US soil later this year.


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