The Astounding World of Fashion and Technology Are Merging

Smart fabrics are just the beginning.


Fashion, however, is an art that lives, occurring at all hours of the day. The fashion industry is the made-to-order one, often based on a limited quantity of materials and intensive crafting. There is no doubt that the technology world obsessed with fashion.

There has been the biggest transformation in the fashion that merges with technology. For example, Google and Levi’s came in collaboration and developed a Project Jacquard. Project Jacquard involves a jacket that turns fabrics into gesture-controlled surfaces and Largerfield using 3D printing in some of his designs.

More than ever, it feels like high-tech fashion is on the verge of being more than just a gimmick. Similarly, wearable technology has progressed far beyond. It becomes fully integrated into those with active lifestyles with the advent of step counters and heart rate recorders.

Likewise, other companies like Adidas is working on 3D printed shoes, Nike is focusing on shoes that lace themselves, think geek Company has created a new LED skirt that can make you the Centre of your own universe.

Kate Sicchio, an assistant professor of integrated digital media at laptops, and now we just have this little [rectangle] we keep in our pocket, and soon that’s going to disappear and it just will be a small microcontroller in our garments.”

Through these growing advancements in technology, it’s natural that we will want to bring our technologies closer and closer to our bodies. Fashion is the stepping stone that bridges handheld technology and bionics on the way to the synthesis between humans and machines.

Diane Kruger famously stated, “what you wear is an expression of who you are. Our growing obsession with iPhones, Instagram, and technology as a whole will be reflected in the direction the clothing and wearable industries take in the coming decades.”


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