Adidas creates shoes out of ocean waste


Last year, Adidas have created Futurecraft: 3D Printed Personalized Shoe. It consists of a lightweight, materialized assisted structure. It’s 3D printed midsole keep the shoe at a comfortable weight. This time, Adidas come up with its all new prototype. Recently Adidas have developed a shoe out of ocean waste. By this creation, they transform ocean plastic pollution into high-performance sportswear.

Adidas in collaboration with Parely for the oceans (an organization dedicated to reducing plastic waste in oceans) develops out of recycled ocean plastic. The company is now focusing on reducing plastic waste from the ocean. They just want to stop ocean plastic pollution. So they have developed 7,000 pairs of shoes be sold at stores and online for the US $220 starting in mid-November.

The shoe’s upper layer is 95 % made out of ocean plastic. They scooped up the plastic waste from the Maldives. The rest of the shoe is made out from largely recycled materials. Currently, the company sending only 7,000 shoes for selling but they has the big plan for this shoes.

The company said, “We are committed to creating a minimum of 1 million pairs of ultra boost with Parely ocean plastic by the end of 2017. But this is just one part of our work. Our ocean plastic program is led by the Parely A.I.R strategy to avoid virgin plastic, intercept plastic waste and ultimately to redesign new alternatives because we are in this for food.

Check here the images of Adidas’ new shoes:




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