Apple Patented a Pizza Boxes to Keep Crusts Crispy at Its New Campus

No more soggy bottoms on pizzas.

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Everyone knows that the music industry with the iPod. Then, through iPhones, it put a computer in our pockets. No doubts, Apple products have not just sold well, they’ve driven the creation of new markets, new industries, even new lifestyle habits.

This time, the company has innovated something unique. It has upped their pizza game with new pizza boxes. That means no more soggy bottoms on pizzas for Apple employees.

The aim behind manufacturing such adaptable boxes is to reduce the amount of consumption of materials.

Apple Patented a Pizza Box to Keep Crusts Crispy at Its New Campus
Image Source: Apple Patent

The container includes a lid portion that is coupled to the base portion through a hinged connection such that the entire container is singularly constructed from a single piece of material. A nested configuration is achieved such that the base and lid portions are shaped to receive the corresponding base and lid portions of a second container. Such nested configuration allows for multiple containers to be stored in a nested stack, thereby minimizing storage space.

When the food item is placed in it, a gap is formed between the food item and the interior surface of the base. The gap assisting in thermally isolating the food item and allowing moisture expelled from the food item to be transported away from the food item. The lid inside it consists of a moisture channeling feature that with the integrated bottom feature and support for the container.

Apple Patented a Pizza Box to Keep Crusts Crispy at Its New Campus
Image Source: Apple Patent

It also consists of apertures that exhaust air outside the container to the external environment. Next, it consists of the hinge assembly for important connecting the base portion to the lid portion. It comes with a locking mechanism secures the lid and the base portion.

Generally, takeaway pizza boxes are standard squares. However, the circular nature of Apple’s patented boxes not only save space; they (unintentionally) mimic the circular buildings throughout Apple Park.