Amazon launches Rapids exiciting new rapid app for kids


We all are familiar with Amazon- the world biggest shopping site. Well, Amazon always wants to maintain goods by giving a good experience about shopping at home. According to latest feedback from the ‘American Customer, Satisfaction Index’, Amazon is the reigning and undisputed champ in both Internet retailing and across the entire department in overall customer satisfaction. As amazon provides best of best product, this time it comes with the new idea. Amazon has launched a kid-friendly app that is chat-style story app for kids. This new app is called as ‘Rapids’.

In this technology era, today’s new generation is relatively associated with phones to chat with family or friends. They usually take more interest in chats than reading hardcover books. By keeping this in mind, Amazon develops chat-based interfaces to engage kids in reading. It makes reading more interesting as watching a video.

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Rapids is actually designed with the purpose to boost confidence in reading for the children under the ages of 7 to 12. It contains lots of stories written as dialogue and embellished with custom illustrations. The books are told through the lens of characters talking to each instead of direct narration. Each one is original to the app. The stories are classified in categories ranging from adventure and animals to science fiction and sports.

The team said, “A child’s early reading experiences should be fun, enjoyable, and approachable – something they want to relive again and again. Reading should make them laugh, captivate them, and provoke their imagination.

Key Features of Amazon Rapids:

  • Built-in glossary: Kids can easily look up the definition and pronunciation of words. It helps them to build their reading confidence. Each time they look up a word, it is automatically added in their personal glossary for easy reference.
  • Each story has a text message dialogue between characters.
  • Kids can explore a large and expanding library filled with original stories.
  • Read to me: It allows budding readers to hear the text through a robotic voice while following along.

Check here the images:

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