New Echolocation App To Better Understand Their Surroundings


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Student and faculty members from the Clarkson University have developed a new echolocation app. The app is also known as Reflections. This new echolocation app allows the users to better understand their surroundings. The app Reflections authorize users to discover distance to objects. It is done by measuring the time taken for a transmission of the sound signal to return to the device after reflecting off objects.

The Reflection is an Android base eModule. It might for echolocation education across K-12, undergraduate and graduate education. It also helps users in low-visibility situations. Users can discover distance of objects and type of objects. For example, table, walls or cushions.

Users can operate sound type transmissions. This allows them to better understand the role of signal processing in RADAR and SONAR systems.

The app comes with a set of notes. The notes describe the functionality of the app, the basics of echolocation, and its application to advanced systems. For example, RADAR, LIDAR, SONAR, and quizzes to test the concepts introduced by the demonstration and the notes.

The app also allows user conducting special echolocation analysis of a room to determine what activities space is most suitable for. For an instance, working or studying.

Assistant professor Mahesh Banavar said, “The group is now working to develop companion videos and extended notes for Reflections.”


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