Whisper Launches New Tool To Create Automate Article from its User-Generated Content


Whisper, a Los Angeles-based company after spending watching other anonymous messaging and sharing apps came up with a new product. The company has launched a new, automated tool that service that will create automate article from user-generated content. The tool will offer the same user embedded content that Whisper was initially pitching to publications.

Michael Heyward, Whisper founder, and chief executive said, “We’re using AI tech that we’ve been working on for a while. It creates automate article by automatically embedding that content into publishers’.”

“There’s a revenue share for publishers. We traffic all the ads and pass it back to the publishers.”

Currently, the tool is being tested by Tronc (the former Tribune Co.).

This AI tech service is named as Eliot. The Eliot works by taking structured and unstructured data. The data is scanned on a company’s website and identifies key topics, places, and people associated with the story. The AI technology inside it generates a contextually relevant story or video.

For example, a potential TechCrunch package where startup founders share what it’s really like after raising money. All of this content is accessible via a widget that a publisher can embed onto their site.

Heyward said, “There are also a lot of use cases that you see with YikYak and Secret — and even going back to Juicy Campus — that are products which are built on top of your friend graph. That is what allows for all of the really bad use cases around anonymity. Because Whisper doesn’t integrate with your address book and it’s not about that explicit audience piece. What you’re left with is people talking about themselves or talking about ideas or events.”

“We’ve been quietly building up our ad business for the last year and a half. There are two parts to the business. We’re working with brands like Coca-Cola, Disney, Dove, or Hulu, which involves buying branded content that users make.”


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