University of Illinois

University of Illinois

A common food preservative found to have unexpected effects on the gut microbiome

Nisin A, a Class I lantibiotic commonly used as a food preservative, has been studied for its ability to kill pathogens. Yet, its effects...

Ultrasound predicts preterm birth risk

Improved preterm birth risk prediction with quantitative ultrasound.

Insight into why Post-starburst galaxies don’t form stars

These galaxies don't scatter all of their star-forming fuel, after all.

40 year black hole mystery solved with most detailed simulation ever

Using a custom-built code and a supercomputer, an international team of scientists has created the most detailed, highest-resolution simulation of a black hole to...

3-D printed sugar scaffolds offer sweet solution for tissue engineering

Engineers at the University of Illinois devised a 3D printer that can print detailed structures that commercial 3-D printers can’t. The printer can efficiently produce...

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