Rutgers University

Rutgers University

Presence of bike lanes reduces traffic speeds

Traffic researchers are studying ways to improve safety on roads throughout the country.

Adults with ADHD face elevated dementia risk

Dementia risk in adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Rutgers Scientists invent deadly disease detection tool

Rapid pathogen quantification: A digital assay using DNA nanoballs.

Most overweight individuals do not risk increased mortality

BMI’s link with mortality may also vary by age, per two decades of data on more than half a million US adults.

Study offers a summary of the benefits of exercise on Type 2 diabetes

The timing and type of workout is critical for optimal effects.

Green tea extract may harm the liver in people with certain genetic variations

Despite offering protection against several diseases, it may cause liver damage.

Night owls are more susceptible to diabetes and heart disease

Those who stay up later have a reduced ability to use fat for energy.

Jupiter’s Moon Io has wonderful dunes, created by lava flows

A new explanation of how dunes can form even on a surface as icy and roiling as Io’s.

Locating immature cells in the central nervous system

New findings by show activities of specialized brain cells differ based on their location.

Scientists discovered proteins that could responsible for the origins of life

A new study sheds light on the origins of life on earth.

Early humans were saved from the worst effects of volcanic supereruption- Toba volcano

Resolving this debate is important for understanding environmental changes during a key interval in human evolution.

Scientists resolved a controversial but key climate change mystery

Revised Holocene temperature record affirms the role of greenhouse gases in recent millennia.

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