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Shooting stars discovered on the Sun’s corona

A never-before-seen ‘falling star’-type phenomena revealed.

First observational evidence that a low-mass star can emit gamma radiation

First observational evidence of gamma-ray emission in young Sun-like stars.

Detailed observations yet of ancient stars in the heart of the Milky Way

PIGS find ancient stars in the heart of the Milky Way.

Black hole ripples may be able to measure the universe’s expansion

A new way to pin down the distance to these exotic objects.

Using AI images to understand the Sun’s atmosphere

Unraveling the mysteries of the Sun’s atmosphere.

Evidence found for the existence of the amino acid tryptophan in space

The temperature of the tryptophan is about 280 Kelvin, or 7 degrees Celsius.

Scientists observed X-ray emission of the most luminous quasar

An X-ray look at the heart of powerful quasars.

A rapidly growing black hole discovered in one of the most extreme galaxies

The discovery provides new clues on the formation of the very first supermassive black holes.

Scientists successfully mapped the magnetic field of our Galaxy

A new microwave map of the Milky Way and beyond.

A unique black hole discovered spewing a fiery jet at another galaxy

The black hole is hosted by a galaxy around one billion light years away from Earth.

Undead planets: Study explains the peculiar conditions of the first exoplanet discovery

Astronomers have revealed that these planets may be incredibly rare.

New animation models dust in Milky Way

Deep dive into the dusty Milky Way.

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