Queen’s University

Engineering high-dimensional quantum states

Use of an adaptive optimization protocol.

Exposure to cannabis during pregnancy has a significant impact on placental and fetal development

Research shows real risks associated with cannabis exposure during pregnancy.

A new way to identify women at high risk of developing relapse of breast cancer

A“marker” to identify women who are at risk of a recurrence.

Sun’s magnetic field is ten times stronger than previously believed

According to a new collaborative study by the Queen's University Belfast and Aberystwyth University, the sun's magnetic field is ten times stronger than previously...

Astronomers puzzled by cow in the sky

In space, stars go supernova in brilliant bursts of light. Now, astronomers have detected a mysterious cataclysm in a neighboring galaxy. This puzzled astronomers...

Major pancreatic cancer breakthrough

The pancreatic tumor is regularly exceptionally aggressive, with just around eight percent individuals surviving beyond five years after treatment, even after surgery and the...

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