TUM develops a tricycle for Munich’s bike rental system MVG Rad

Easy mobility with the E-Trike.


Specialists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have built up an e-trike for the benefit of the Munich Public Transit Agency (Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft or MVG). The trike, outfitted with an electric drive, is to be incorporated into the MVG Rad bicycle rental framework. The advancement and outline of the completed model is a piece of the EU venture CIVITAS ECCENTRIC and took roughly one year to finish. The principal trikes are intended to go into operation this year.

Achieving a goal from the metro, transport stop or cable car stop can be troublesome, particularly with a considerable measure to a conveyor for those with challenges strolling.

“Our goal was to close this hole for everybody,” clarifies Julian Wilberg from the TUM Chair of Product Development. As a major aspect of the EU venture CIVITAS ECCENTRIC, he cooperated with his associate Simon Kremer and a group of understudies for the MVG to consider an economic expansion to open transportation: the E-Trike framework.

The electrically controlled tricycle has been planned so that those with minor strolling incapacities or adjust issues can work it serenely and securely. It is especially simple to-utilize and offers a high level of security. The E-Trike has the best speed of 25 km/h and has space enough to convey three vast shopping sacks or two instances of refreshments.

Kilian Kärgel, CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project supervisor at SWM/MVG said, “We wanted to work together to develop a viable addition to the existing bike rental system MVG Rad. The bikes that are available to us now aren’t suitable for transporting heavy or bulky objects.”

“Furthermore, people with a reduced sense of balance or who have inadequate strength in their legs can only make limited use of the system or can’t use it at all. We developed the E-Trike as a complete package including booking, pick-up, return, operation and maintenance which can also be integrated ideally in the MVG Rad bike rental system.”

The TUM group connected an inventive and interdisciplinary research approach: Development of an entire item, concentrating on the client encounter from examination to reasonable outline, the distance to the physical models. In view of a Client Experience Journey, every one of the variables affecting the course of cooperation was efficiently envisioned and examined.

With a specific end goal to discover what potential E-Trike clients needed, TUM understudies met different target bunches – youngsters, the impaired, working experts, senior subjects – to find out about their wants and encounters. They likewise got essential data on the client suitable acknowledgment of the idea from the city of Munich’s warning board on the crippled. We utilized this information to recognize target gatherings and necessity profiles which we considered in all advancement steps.

The low-level mounting plausibility of the recently created cycle makes it simple to use for more seasoned individuals. The gear segment has two swing entryways making it conceivable to stack and empty load without pointless back strain. The electric engine is sufficiently intense to convey a man in addition to a heap of around 30 kilos to the goal. Similarly, as with the current MVG Rad bicycles, the E-Trike can be found and booked utilizing an application. What’s more clients likewise have the alternative of leasing the three-wheeler utilizing a chip card?

“Amid advancement it was critical that the E-Trike be anything but difficult to incorporate in the current MVG Rad rental framework,” Wilberg brings up, including this was not troublesome on the grounds that even with its freight box, the tricycle is no longer than an ordinary rental bicycle and fits in existing MVG Rad bicycle stands. It might be important to outfit the stands with charging stations, he said.

The advancement of the model was a turning point, however, the undertaking is a long way from being done. The subsequent stages will concentrate on coordinating the E-Trike in the IT framework basic MVG Rad. 2018 plans predict the development of upwards of 20 E-Trikes in view of the model which will at first be utilized as a part of the CIVITAS ECCENTRIC venture region (the Munich neighborhoods of Domagkpark/Parkstadt Schwabing). An exhaustive synchronous assessment is likewise being intended to go with the venture so as to accumulate imperative discoveries in regards to operation and further advancement.