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Mountains in motion

Humans can't specifically see the elements at work in the earth's crust. Anybody standing on a mountains' top in the Alps doesn't see that...
A new class of designed macrocyclic peptides has been developed which are highly potent inhibitors of amyloid plaque formation. (Picture: Kapurniotu/ TUM)

Alzheimer’s Disease and Diabetes: There is hope for inhibitors against amyloid plaque

Powerful therapeutics to neutralize the development of amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's disease and type 2 diabetes are not yet accessible. Researchers at the Technical...
The pungent 6-gingerol contained in ginger stimulates a saliva enzyme that breaks down foul-smelling substances. (Image: iStockphoto/ villagemoon)

Pungent tasting substance in ginger reduces bad breath

Numerous food components contribute directly to the characteristic taste of food and drinks by methods for contributing their own specific taste, aroma or spiciness....
CEOs change course when they resemble their predecessors

CEOs change course when they resemble their predecessors

The more noteworthy the similarity of recently delegated CEOs to their antecedents, the more probable they are to change the organization's technique. This outcome...
Dr. Zeynep Ökten and co-author Willi L. Stepp at the fluorescence-microscope. (Image: A. Battenberg / TUM)

How to start a nanomotor?

A great many people have never known about them, but then every living being needs them to survive: fine projections of cells known as...
Pulses of femtosecond length from the pump laser (left) generate on-chip electric pulses in the terahertz frequency range. With the right laser, the information is read out again. (Image: Christoph Hohmann / NIM, Holleitner / TUM)

On the road to terahertz electronics

Classical electronics permits frequencies up to around 100 gigahertz. Optoelectronics utilizes electromagnetic phenomena beginning at 10 terahertz. This range in the middle of is...
Electrically switchable organic molecule. (Image: Yuxiang Gong / TUM / Journal of the American Chemical Society)

Switching with molecules

The improvement of new electronic advances drives the relentless decrease of useful component sizes. With regards to a worldwide collective exertion, a group of...
Modified Cryo-EM image of genetically expressed molecular workshops inside living cells. (Image: P. Erdmann / Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry)

Versatile nanospheres

How to make the cells more efficient by installing new capabilities without interfering their metabolic processes? Now, scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) along with...
One location was the Lehrer-Wirth-Strasse in Munich, where measuring instruments were attached to Robinia below the foliage. (Picture: F. Rahman/ TUM)

Trees with grassy areas soften summer heat

Trees are considered to be nature’s air conditioners, making them the most practical way of alleviating the heat in cities. Trees cool their environment and...