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43 copper and 12 aluminum atoms form a cluster that has the properties of an atom. This heterometallic superatom is the largest ever produced in a laboratory.

The gods of small things

Numerous groups of analysts are trying different things with new material mixes made of lower-cost base metals, for example, iron, copper, or aluminum. Be...
That's what the truck of the future might look like. (Image: Chair of Industrial Design / TUM)

The truck of the future

Trucks will stay essential to load transport in the forthcoming decades. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and their accomplices have built...
What catches our eye

What catches our eye

We are almost constantly surrounded by a variety of visual objects, all of which could, theoretically, be important for us. But only a very...
Dominik PĂ©lerin with the full-engine testbed. (Image: Moritz Ermert / TUM )

On the road to a clean combustion engine

Combustion engines release carbon dioxide, particularly matter, and nitrogen oxides. Moreover, the case in some cities is that some engines have already imposed driving...
For the tests of the study, subjects consumed a high-carbohydrate meal such as such a vegetable lasagna

Food activates brown fat

Brown adipose tissue in people has been the subject of various examinations, as it has the correct inverse capacity of white adipose tissue, which...

Mountains in motion

Humans can't specifically see the elements at work in the earth's crust. Anybody standing on a mountains' top in the Alps doesn't see that...
A new class of designed macrocyclic peptides has been developed which are highly potent inhibitors of amyloid plaque formation. (Picture: Kapurniotu/ TUM)

Alzheimer’s Disease and Diabetes: There is hope for inhibitors against amyloid plaque

Powerful therapeutics to neutralize the development of amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's disease and type 2 diabetes are not yet accessible. Researchers at the Technical...
The pungent 6-gingerol contained in ginger stimulates a saliva enzyme that breaks down foul-smelling substances. (Image: iStockphoto/ villagemoon)

Pungent tasting substance in ginger reduces bad breath

Numerous food components contribute directly to the characteristic taste of food and drinks by methods for contributing their own specific taste, aroma or spiciness....
CEOs change course when they resemble their predecessors

CEOs change course when they resemble their predecessors

The more noteworthy the similarity of recently delegated CEOs to their antecedents, the more probable they are to change the organization's technique. This outcome...