Transboard: The New Generation Of Electric Scooter


Kyung Kyun Min and a development team at Mercane Wheels develop a new generation of an electric scooter. The team develops this electric scooter with three main motos. Those are its speed, safety, and stability. It gives the user the imaginable safest ride.

Transboard uses a double wishbone suspension for safe riding regardless of road surface. The double wishbone suspension controls the motion of the wheel throughout suspension travel. The scooter has foldable structure. Thus, it allows for low-hassle transport.

Transboard: The New Generation Of Electric Scooter

For speed,  350 Watt, brushless DC HUB motor is embedded in the scooter. It causes the scooter to reach at high speed so that the scooter can travel across 20 miles per hour. A single charge from the lithium ion 36 Volt, 8.8 Ampere-hour battery is enough for traveling 20 miles distance. It almost take 6 hours to charge. It comes with the three-wheeled system. Thus, it easily maintains balance while riding.

Mercane Wheels said, “the scooter has a polycarbonate trim, a material perfect for shock absorption.

Transboard: The New Generation Of Electric Scooter

The body of this electric scooter is made from an aluminum frame, polycarbonate trim, and carbon steel shaft. The polycarbonate trim is the material that used in scooter prevent from shock absorbing.

Transboard: The New Generation Of Electric Scooter

It has 4 inch LED display. The LED display shows ways and allows to operate several metrics. It shows speed and power measurements. As per your requirement, you can power up the Transboard easily and adjust the display. In addition, you can put the scooter cruise control.

Transboard: The New Generation Of Electric Scooter

The transboard consist of an electric brake system. When the electric current passing through scooter by the controller, the current start flowing through electromagnets in the breaks. Hence, it works with the rear foot brake for quick stopping, and a LED display shows several operating metrics. The weight capacity of transboard is that it can carry up to 220 pounds.

The entire system is 1150 x 620 x 1120 millimeters in use, and 330 x 620 x 790 millimeters when folded. According to company, the scooters will start being delivered in March 2017. Starting at $449, you can preorder a scooter in white or black, and get a battery and charger.


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