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working memory

The growing concern of internet addiction in adolescents

Brain signaling related to controlling behaviors, attention, and understanding our own emotions was altered.

The job that you do can change your brain, study

Restaurant workers whose job involved constantly keeping track of orders were better at tests of working memory updating.

Music can help prevent cognitive decline

The positive impacts of musical activities to counteract brain aging.

Flexible working memory is enabled by “spatial computing”

Routine tasks require working memory to remember rules & content for each instance.

The debate over how working memory works

Working memory is how you hold things in mind like the directions to a new restaurant and the list of specials the waiter rattles...

Expecting a stressful day may lower cognitive abilities throughout the day

According to Penn State researchers, there may be some truth to the saying "getting up on the wrong side of the bed". A new...

New study reveals how brain waves control working memory

MIT neuroscientists discovered evidence that the brain’s ability to control what it is thinking about, relies on low-frequency brain waves known as beta rhythms. This...

Menstruation Cycle Doesn’t Change How Your Brain Works- Period

Most of the time, it is considered that anyone who's menstruating isn't working at the top mental pitch. But now, scientists have found evidence to suggest...

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