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White Dwarf

A scar imprinted on the surface of a white dwarf star

This scar is a concentrated patch of planetary material.

Astronomers have discovered a two-faced star

Unusual white dwarf star is made of hydrogen on one side and helium on the other.

For the first time, radio waves observed from Type Ia supernova

This provides important clues to understand how white dwarfs explode.

Astronomers discovered helium-burning white-dwarf

A binary star system in which matter flows onto the white dwarf from its companion.

Hubble, for the first time, directly measured the mass of a lone white dwarf

The unique observation yields insights into theories of the structure and composition of white dwarfs.

Exploring progenitor system of Type Ia supernova

Scientists carried out detailed hydrodynamic simulations of the common-envelope wind model.

Study of polluted white dwarfs reveals that stars and planets grow together

Early-formation picture is likely to be correct.

Astronomers discovered a pair of stars with an extremely short orbit

This is the first time such a transitioning system has been observed directly.

Strange star survived the thermonuclear supernova

It actually became even brighter after a supernova.

Astronomers spotted quadruple stars, which may spark supernova explosions

The youngest spectroscopic quadruple discovered in the Milky Way Galaxy to date.

Scientists mapped the movement of white dwarfs of the Milky Way

The three-dimensional velocity distribution for the largest catalogue of white dwarfs to date.

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