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Simulation of galaxies and gas in the universe. Within the gas in the (blue) filaments connecting the (orange) galaxies lurk rare pockets of pristine gas – vestiges of the Big Bang that have somehow been orphaned from the explosive, polluting deaths of stars, seen here as circular shock waves around some orange points. CREDIT: TNG COLLABORATION

Astronomers discovered pristine, uncontaminated material existing at the beginning of the universe

Astronomers have recently discovered a relic cloud of gas, orphaned next to Big Bang in the distant universe. The discovery of such a rare...
The Milky Way galaxy, perturbed by the tidal interaction with a dwarf galaxy, as predicted by N-body simulations. The locations of the observed stars above and below the disk, which are used to test the perturbation scenario, are indicated.

Stars around the milky way: Cosmic space invaders or victims of galactic eviction?

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) have recently investigated the origin of groups of stars around the Milky Way galaxy. These halo stars are...
CREDIT: S. SAKAI/A.GHEZ/W. M. KECK OBSERVATORY/ UCLA GALACTIC CENTER GROUP The orbit of S0-2 (light blue) located near the Milky Way's supermassive black hole will be used to test Einstein's Theory of General Relativity and generate potentially new gravitational models

Astronomers found S0-2 Star is single and ready for big Einstein test

A study led by a UCLA scientist from Hawaii has discovered that S0-2 does not have a notable or minimum one binary that is...
NIRES Instrument has captured its first spectral image

NIRES Instrument has captured its first spectral image

Space experts have effectively met a noteworthy turning point in the wake of catching the principal science information from W. M. Keck Observatory's freshest...