Sunday, September 25, 2022


The universe is getting hotter, study

The temperature has increased about 10-fold over the last 10 billion years.

Using Moon’s orbit as a Gravitational Wave Detector

Gravitational waves offer details on some of the most violent events in the Universe. Existing gravitational wave detectors scan different frequency ranges. Although, some...

Stephen Hawking’s famous black hole paradox solved

The research alters our understanding of black holes.

How are supermassive black holes formed?

The dark side of the universe.

Astronomers detected an afterglow from a kilonova

Strange ‘sonic boom’ accompanied the unprecedented event.

The cosmic web plays a much bigger role than previously thought

The cosmic web orchestrates the progression of galaxies.

Axion’s mass is more than twice as big as previously thought

New simulations refine axion mass, refocusing dark matter search.

More than 4.4 million galaxies revealed in a new map

A very dynamic picture of our Universe.

Most detailed images of the largest cosmic shock waves ever observed

It provides so far unique insights into the structure of cosmic shock waves.

Hubble captured a space triangle

A spectacular head-on collision between two galaxies creates an unusual space triangle.

Scientists created strange quantum ‘domain walls’

Controlled for first time, quantum phenomenon could suggest avenues for technology.

Largest and most accurate virtual representation of the universe to date

SIBELIUS-DARK: a largest and most comprehensive ‘constrained realization’ simulation to date.

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