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Mindfulness and compassion sessions linked to reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression

An approach that can be easily adopted in a range of contexts.

SARS-CoV-2 variants: How a set of key covariates affect viral kinetics?

A prospective observational cohort study.

Non-invasive wearable devices might be able to predict preterm birth

By monitoring changes in maternal heart rate variability.

6 in 10 children under five have micronutrient deficiencies

Maternal factors played a crucial role in the nutritional status of the children.

Sea otters may be key drivers of changes in California’s kelp forests

A blueprint for nature-based solutions that enhance coastal resilience to climate change.

High cholesterol and blood pressure raise lifelong heart disease risk

Even if you subsequently lower your levels.

The association between assisted reproductive technologies and obesity

The associations between different fertility treatments and BMI in children.

Moderate-intensity exercises may reduce postpartum depression

Effectiveness of aerobic exercise in the prevention and treatment of postpartum depression.

Obesity-resistant shrews can aid weight loss in mice

Transplanting gut microbes from an obesity-resistant shrew can improve microbiome diversity.

NPBI-based air purifiers could reduce airborne virus infectivity by up to 99.98%

The experiment used real-world concentrations of COVID-19 strains, flu and RSV viruses.

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