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HIV research output in African Countries increased from 5.1% to 31.3%

Describing HIV research output in Africa by country.

Plastic-eating fungi thriving in plastisphere offer exciting possibilities for tackling global waste

Unique ecological niche identified for the first time dubbed ‘terrestrial plastisphere’.

Child-appealing packaged food and beverage is high in sugar and low in nutrients

Child-appealing packaged food and beverage products in Canada–Prevalence, power, and nutritional quality.

Climate change could drive more Zika and dengue epidemics and longer transmission seasons

Examining how newly emerging diseases will be impacted by specific future climate change scenarios.

Bee abundance and diversity are higher in actively managed green spaces

Study explores how wild bee communities are affected by greenspace and landscape-level features.

Study identifies a new building block in the navigation system of fish

Defining the basic inventory of spatial and kinematical cells in the goldfish telencephalon.

Indigenous people are 3 to 6 times more likely to be hospitalized for influenza

Comparing rates of influenza-associated hospitalization and mortality between Indigenous and non-Indigenous.

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